Concentrated healing power for burns,
wounds, cuts, infected bites, sores and
abscesses. Relieves pain, swelling and
itch of hemorrhoids, scrapes, bruises and
skin disease including eczema and poison
ivy. Good for chapped lips, sore nipples,
diaper rash, and as a personal lubricant.
Non-allergenic, protective, and soothing.

Our Salve is hand prepared in small
batches with propolis and beeswax from
our own hives. Herbs are steeped in
cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and
organic coconut and sunflower oils. Made
with comfrey root, calendula flowers,
golden seal root, vitamin E oil and yellow
dock root.

2 oz. glass jar $10
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Healing and soothing for skin and
excellent for massage; especially of
sore muscles, and stiff joints. Used
prenatally and at time of birth for
perineal massage. Helpful for
circulation in hands and feet, carpal
tunnel, and nerve endings.  Improves
circulation, feeling, and movement.

Made from fresh local wild St. John's
Wort flowering herb infused into
cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil for
at least 6 weeks.

Available in:
4 oz. plastic squeeze bottle $12
2 oz. amber glass bottle $8
Herbal Healing Salve
St. John's Wort Oil
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