After giving birth unassisted at home in 1970 I knew I wanted to help other women connect with
their own knowing about birthing. I began my journey as an apprentice midwife in 1977 and have
served birth as a homebirth midwife in Central Maine for over 32 years. I am a founding member of
Midwives Of Maine, member of Midwives Alliance of North America since 1985, having served on
the board of directors and various committees over the years. I am currently the President of
MANA. I became a CPM in 1997 and am a member of NACPM and MACPM. I have worked to
develop and promote homebirth midwifery in Maine and nationally through writing, teaching,
speaking, mentoring, lobbying, and coordinating conferences and community events. My goal is for
all women to know that homebirth is a safe option for healthy moms and babies and to have the
opportunity to choose homebirth for their family.
Homebirth is a special and profound
experience for mother and baby and family.
I have been blessed to share these joyous
moments with hundreds of families as well
as my own. I have 6 children, all born at
home, and
7 grandchildren, all born into the
hands of midwives. My office, Linden Ridge
Homebirth Care, is located at my family’s
organic farm in St.Albans, Maine. I make
herbal remedies for my family and my
practice, including
Dragonfly Hollow Herbal
Healing Salve.
Homebirth midwives honor birth as a rite of
passage for mother and baby. I view my
relationship with each woman as a partnership,
sharing the responsibility of decision- making, and
working together towards a healthy pregnancy, a
gentle empowered birth, and meeting the needs of
the individual family.
Midwifery is an ancient vocation of women. In
many countries today midwives attend the
majority of normal births. In fact, those countries
using midwives as primary caregivers, with
homebirth as an option for low-risk women and
obstetricians reserved as high-risk specialists,
including Sweden, Finland, Holland, Norway,
Japan, Germany, New Zealend, and the U.K., have
the best infant and maternal outcomes in the
world, ranking far better than the U.S. in
mortality statistics.
Contact us to inquire about herbal
preparations for midwifery and
family health care.